Acquisition Services

The purchase of a private jet is a very complex and detailed process, so whether it’s us or someone else, we can’t express how incredibly important it is to have an experienced professional, with expertise in the type of aircraft you wish to purchase, to help guide you through the process.  Always working in a completely transparent manner with your best interest in mind, our acquisition process begins with an in-depth aircraft needs assessment.  Once we have worked with you to determine the right aircraft for your needs, we will conduct an international search to find the right aircraft, negotiate terms, prepare all documents to ensure a smooth transaction, including personal oversight of the pre-purchase inspection.

Mission Profile

We will work with you to help determine your overall budget and mission profile. We will provide you with aircraft models that meet your criteria and will compare fixed and variable costs for each along with a performance overview and comparison.  From here, we will help you obtain finance proposals, if appropriate, review anticipated transaction costs and fees, and determine whether a turnkey solution or a project aircraft is the right approach for you.

Market Research

Once an aircraft type has been decided upon, we will provide you with a comprehensive market analysis of your desired make and model, which includes transactions for the previous 6-12 months and sales comps. We will conduct a worldwide search, contacting brokers, manufactures and owners, to locate the aircraft that best match your needs.

Evaluation and Offer

We work with you to narrow the list to the top three options, provide a complete history of and detailed review of each, coordinate and personally attend showings, obtain maintenance and refurbishment quotes, if applicable, provide market value analysis for the selected aircraft, and make a recommendation on offer terms. Then, we draft a letter of intent, negotiate the best possible price, prepare and review the aircraft purchase agreement, coordinate title company documentation and consult with our aviation tax advisors and aviation legal counsel, as needed.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

We coordinate directly with the maintenance facility to make arrangements for the pre-purchase inspection.  In addition, we personally accompany the aircraft to the maintenance facility to ensure a smooth check-in process and pre-purchase survey.  We constantly monitor the inspection to stay ahead of any issues, review the survey report, make recommendations accordingly, consult with our aircraft specific maintenance technicians, as needed, handle the resolution of inspection issues with the seller and prepare the aircraft acceptance documentation. 

Closing and Delivery

We work closely with the title company on a closing checklist and prepare all necessary documentation, as well as, provide the required FAA title documents, coordinate the closing process with all parties, provide advice on any closing issues, consult with our aviation tax advisors or aviation legal counsel, as required, and coordinate aircraft delivery and acceptance documentation.  In addition, we will personally be with your aircraft during the closing process, allowing us to be on location in the event of any last-minute closing complications.


Your delivery date is just the beginning of our relationship. We’re not simply your acquisition firm; we’re here to be a partner in your jet ownership experience. When you need support, maintenance advice, anything at all, we’re available to you and will help make owning your plane fun and exciting!

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